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3. The Eucalyptus fibers and the kraft pulp quality requirements for paper manufacturing - 2.35 MB in PDF

4. Vessel elements and Eucalyptus pulps - 9.5 MB in PDF

5. Industrial solid wastes from Eucalyptus kraft pulp production. Part 01: Fibrous organic residues - 9.3 MB in PDF

6. Eco-efficiency in managing the pulp fiber losses and the broke generated in paper manufacturing - 9.2 MB in PDF

7. Eco-efficient management of woody forest residues from the Eucalyptus plantation forestry - 6.6 MB in PDF

8. The Eucalyptus and the Leguminosae. Part 01: Acacia mearnsii - 10.9 MB in PDF

9. Eco-efficiency and cleaner production for the Eucalyptus pulp and paper industry - 1.9 MB in PDF

11. The production of Eucalyptus plantation forests from the perspective of eco-effectiveness, eco-efficiency, and cleaner production - 17.6 MB in PDF

14. Papermaking properties of Eucalyptus trees, woods, and pulp fibers - 4.8 MB in PDF

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