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These publications written and made available to the society by Celso Foelkel need financial support to be produced, maintained and distributed to thousands of readers who access and receive them.

With no sponsors or donors, there is no way to cover the costs involved in this process and to guarantee a fair and decent pay to authors and experts who work for these creations.

Annually, it will be created and distributed three editions of the Eucalyptus Newsletter and three of PinusLetter. On the other hand, the Eucalyptus Online Book will have five chapters written and made available to readers in the same period. These publications will be published just in Portuguese, unless we have a number of sponsors (or resources) that justifies the additional costs to prepare versions to other languages (English and/or Spanish)

There are three alternatives for financial supporting to this project which aims to clarify society in relation to the magical trees of Eucalyptus and Pinus:

.: Continuous sponsorship based on semi-annual or annual quotas
The sponsorship quotas are equivalent to $ 500 Brazilian reais per month for each sponsor, and the amount shall be paid in advance in annually or semi-annually basis.

The sponsorship guarantees the logo insertion (and website link) in every page of and in Eucalyptus Newsletter and PinusLetter editions (inclusive in the pages of this pine informative at and also in the Eucalyptus Online Book chapters (generated within this type of sponsorship) and launched during the period covered by the sponsored quota.

The sponsors of this type of plan will also have priority in suggesting subjects for chapters in the book or articles in the two newsletters.

.: Sponsoring book chapters:

It consists in sponsoring a chapter of the Eucalyptus Online Book about a specific topic that corresponds to an interest from the sponsor. The chapter will be written by Celso Foelkel, provided the independence to the author in his writings and viewpoints. The sponsoring company will have exclusivity in the display of its logo associated with the chosen chapter and may have the chapter sent to its "mailing list" in anticipation to the public release of the chapter, what will happen later through the conventional mechanisms by

The value for this type of sponsorship can be obtained by contacting the author of this project through the e-mail address or phone 55-51-99947.5999.

Note: Sponsor will not be "owner" of the text or chapter, which will remain as a Celsius Degree ownership, but will have the credits for the contribution to society stakeholders to offer the possibility of this chapter be written in advance due to its exclusive sponsorship.

The selection of the subject to be written as a chapter can be made from the “Next Chapters” list, available at:

...or another issue to be negotiated with Celso Foelkel.

.: Donations:

Voluntary donations from companies or persons are also accepted to support this project, as far as they will help to speed up the process of spreading knowledge to Society. The amount is at the discretion of the donor, who will have its name listed in a specific page of our websites with the other individuals or corporate supporters.

In case you have the will to be a donor, get in touch with Celso Foelkel through the e-mail address or phone 55-51-9947.5999.

Facilitating organizations:


IBA – Industria Brasileira de Arvores
IPEF – Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais
RIADICYP – Red IberoAmericana de Docencia e Investigacion en Celulosa, Papel y Productos Lignocelulosicos

Non-financial supporting partners:

TAPPI - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry - USA

SIF - Sociedade de Investigacoes Florestais - Brazil

CeluloseOnline - Brazil

TECNICELPA - Associacao Portuguesa dos Tecnicos das Industrias de Celulose e Papel - Portugal

ATCP Chile - Asociacion Tecnica de la Celulosa y el Papel - Chile

TAPPSA - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry of Southern Africa - South Africa

SBS - Sociedade Brasileira de Silvicultura - Brazil

AGEFLOR - Associacao Gaucha de Empresas Florestais - Brazil

APRE - Associacao Paranaense de Empresas de Base Florestal - Brazil

ACR - Associacao Catarinense de Empresas Florestais - Brazil

ASBR - Associacao Sul Brasileira de Empresas Florestais - Brazil

Embrapa Florestas - Brazil


Revista O Papel - Brazil

Revista O Papel Digital - Brazil

ABTCP Pulp & Paper Directory - Brazil

Mais Floresta - Brazil

Two Sides - Brazil