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Good morning to all of you, my dear Eucalyptus friends

Here we are back, with the 24th edition of our Eucalyptus Newsletter. We hope that this issue may have valuable information to all of our readers. As you know, our purpose is to better inform the stakeholders in the World Society about the Eucalyptus trees, forests and their products, aiming for the most sustainable production of them for the benefit of Mankind.

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Eucalyptus Newsletter number 24:

Thanks again for the prestige and support you bring to our virtual publications. It is a privilege to have you as our reader.

Best regards and have a nice reading,

Celso Foelkel

The 24th Edition's Content


Eucalyptus Online Book - Chapter 17 (in Portuguese)

Eco-Efficiency and Sustainability Corner

A Meeting with the Forest Sector Innovation - Technological Roadmaps

The Friends of the Eucalyptus - Dr. Alberto Daniel Venica

Online Technical References - Some More Historical and Classic Books about the Eucalyptus

References about Events and Courses

Prices of Forest Products

Costs of Forest Operations with Eucalyptus

Curiosities and Oddities about the Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus Wood Flooring (by Ester Foelkel)

Technical Mini-Article by Celso Foelkel
Eucalyptus Plantations and Genetically Modified Trees

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