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Facilitating organizations:


IBA – Industria Brasileira de Arvores
IPEF – Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais

Non-financial supporting partners:

TAPPI - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry - USA

SIF - Sociedade de Investigacoes Florestais - Brazil

CeluloseOnline - Brazil

RIADICYP - Red Iberoamericana de Docencia e Investigacion en Celulosa y Papel - Argentina

TECNICELPA - Associacao Portuguesa dos Tecnicos das Industrias de Celulose e Papel - Portugal

ATCP Chile - Asociacion Tecnica de la Celulosa y el Papel - Chile

Appita - Technical Association of the Australian and New Zealand Pulp and Paper Industry - Australia

TAPPSA - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry of Southern Africa - South Africa

SBS - Sociedade Brasileira de Silvicultura - Brazil

AGEFLOR - Associacao Gaucha de Empresas Florestais - Brazil

Embrapa Florestas - Brazil


Painel Florestal - Brazil

INTA Concordia e-Boletin Novedades Forestales - Argentina

Blog do Papeleiro - Brazil

Revista O Papel - Brazil

Revista O Papel Digital - Brazil

ABTCP Pulp & Paper Directory - Brazil

Mais Floresta - Brazil